Laminated birch plywood

Laminated birch plywood


Laminated birch plywood manufactured by pressing on standard plywood plate special paper impregnated with resin –film. Depending on the type of resin used to impregnate paper, we distinguish phenol films and melamine films. The process of pressingof the fi lm runs in high temperatures and under high pressure. Resin from the fi lm penetrates into wood giving the eff ectof a very tight bond with underlying plywood plate.

Edges of film-faced plywood are varnished with water-resistant acryl-based paint.

Standard overlay: phenol film, dark brown.

Usually used density of the coating is 120 gr/m2 or 220 gr/m2

Overlaying colour melamine films:

red, yellow, green, blue, black, white



  • construction industry
  • shuttering systems
  • production of the concrete prefabricates
  • packages
  • transport industry
  • toys
  • sport equipment
  • other


  • Thickness: from 4mm up to 50mm
  • Standard sizes:
  • 1250x2500mm, 2500x1250mm
  • 1220x2440mm, 2440x1220mm
  • 1500x2500mm, 1525x2500mm
  • 1500x3000mm, 1525x3050mm
  • 1500x3300mm, 1550x3300mm
  • Meets standards requirements: GOST 3916.1-96
  • Moisture content: max 10%
  • Density: 680-700 gr/m3
  • Gluing classes:
  • BS1203 / H4 (WBP)
  • DIN 68705 part 3 / type BFU 100
  • Formaldehyde emission: E1

Quality Classes

Krótka charakterystyka klas jakości: