Interior birch plywood

Interior birch plywood


We offer birch interior plywood, which is part of board stuck with uneven number of veneers, which fibres in adherent to oneself plies run in straight angle. Interior birch plywood manufactured on the basis of urea-formaldehyde glue, for use in dry conditions.




  • furniture
  • packaging industry
  • interior decorating
  • toys
  • woodworking
  • boat building


  • Thickness: from 3mm up to 24mm
  • Standard sizes:
  • 1525x1525mm 1250x2500mm
  • 2500x1250mm 1220x2440mm
  • 2440x1220mm
  • Meets standards requirements: GOST 3916.1-96
  • Moisture content: max 10%
  • Density: 640-700 gr/m3

Quality Classes

Krótka charakterystyka klas jakości:

  • B (I) sanded, high-quality birch plywood, for painting. Smooth surface, almost without any defects and patches. Possible limitations on surface plywood: small fillings, pin knots, sound tigh knots, wooden inserts up to 3/m2.
  • BB (II) sanded, high-quality birch plywood. Smooth surface for painting and varnishing. Possible limitations on surface plywood: small cracks, pin knots, sound tigh knots, , fillings, wooden inserts up to 6/m2.
  • CP (III) sanded, standard quality plywood. Smooth surface, decayed and not tigh knots possible, cracks, knot holes, overlaps, pitch pockets, overgrindings, glued punctures.
  • C (IV) not sanded, low quality surface plywood. Possible limitations: konts holes and cracks, patches, board edge damages.